Monday, March 16, 2009

Qs Pivot Bands Update

This is an update of the March 10th post on the Qs Pivot Bands. Keep in mind that these are weekly bars displayed. . . not dailies. What's interesting here is that the Qs range bands are expanding in contrast to the contracting VIX (not shown). So volatility is correlated to the bands not only directly, but inversely also.
Note: The data date on the charts should read 3-13-09, not 3-11-03.
The weekly impulse signal reflects the relative overbought levels suggested by the ratio of the MA3 and MA7 of the range. In a previous study this indicator was shown to have a reliability of about 70% when applied to daily bars, a performance level that I'm not that happy with and so I'm continuing to work on refining and improving the signal line.
Today's action promises to be a bit frustrating as the DIA, IWM and VIX are all in the green, while the Qs are proportionately down. Hey!, it's a mean reversion pairs trade.

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