Thursday, March 26, 2009


Here's yesterday's VIX action with GE, one of my ETF trading outliers. The afternoon VIX cross at 13:25 was a great tell that price was about to fade and the flattening and reversal of the VIX starting at 15:00 was a good tell that a bounce was about to ensue.
In the lower technical panel of the chart, the best indication at 13:25 that GE was still going down was the continued downslope of the MACD and SMA signal lines. They also did a good job of signalling the late afternoon rally when they crossed to the upside at 15:15 and the histogram crossed over the zero line.
Bill had a good question on yesterday's VIXEN post and I recommend reading that and my response if the VIXEN has any interest for you.
The dynamic scaling thing is an issue to be dealt with and Jeff Pietsch over at Market Rewind has given me some areas of research to pursue in order to lock this thing down in TS2000i, which, as it turns out, is a bit behind the algorithmic curve from TS8.4. I may have to finally get 8.4 and join the ranks of the up-to-daters, if only for backtesting purposes as I much prefer the look and feel of the Schwab platform for actual trading.

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