Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Qs Pivot Bands

What we're looking at above are the rolling weekly R4-S4 pivots for the Qs.
What we're looking at below is a little volatility and impulse signal for the Qs based on the rolling deltas of the PP, S1-R1 range and the 3 and 7 period MAs of the ranges (the 3 flesh colored rows of data labeled "PP Delta, Range Delta and MA7/MA3" in the excel spreadsheet far below.
This is an ongoing pivot study that shows promise (to me) for forecasting probable short term pivot range and trend based on mean reversion. I have posted previously about the concept several times and am continuing to refine the signal metrics to put them in sync with my other Qs studies.
It's also interesting to me that the 3/7 MA crossover, which I formulated months ago for the pivot band moving average divergence exploration, was validated by the Qs MAMA study on Friday.
Keep in mind that these are weekly bars, not dailies, so the scale of things is a bit muted. Nevertheless, sometimes stepping back to look at the bigger picture helps to see not only where we've been, but where current momentum is carrying us.Above is a portion of my Excel workheet of weekly Qs pivot stats that drives the charts.
On my "to-do" list is the eventual transposition of the data to TradeStation where I can further explore the nuances of this very powerful indicator (IMHO).

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