Monday, March 23, 2009


Here's a little cleaner look at the VIX/Price cross I mentioned in the Weekly Update. The VIX is the yellow line tracking almost inversely to the green price candles of my little ETF basket. I've thrown the LR75 channel on just to check for a possible signal confirmation and it's noteworthy that most of the VIX crosses occur on or very near the LR75 channel mean or channel boundaries.
The differential in price scales of the VIX and various ETFs and stocks does present some problems in terms of coding a testable (and tradeable) system into TS. The fact that the VIX trades basically inverse of the ETF price also presents some added wrinkles that need to be ironed out. I'm working on a z-score type analysis in an attempt to accomplish that goal, but have encountered a few problems along the way, so no publishable code or performance report yet.
Speaking of problems . . . . my ambitious goal of setting up a real time trading and chat room for the Qs has hit a brick wall. Keeping in mind that this is a free site, the expenses involved in setting up the technology to activate and maintain such a site are turning out to be far beyond my initial expectations and above a level I'm willing to underwrite.
I've been talking to Schwab in an effort to let my viewers access limited real time charts on the StreetSmartPro platform without actually opening accounts. Since I'm not a Schwab employee or contractor however, Schwab is currently pushing back on that idea, since they have no control what an ole geezer like me might do or say in the trading room. The next best thing I could do (without any additional technology) is to post hourly charts of 2 or 5 minute bars with a running commentary. This is not exactly what I had in mind and so my research on this front continues.


bzbtrader said...

Note to Damian,
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Cuccaa said...

This is what I've had on my site for awhile,, it's free, you can link to charts if you want to, and it's free.