Friday, June 18, 2010

All's Forgiven

Can't we all just get along?
OK. . I apologize to the gold gods for ever doubting their technical superiority.
Both the BZB and Currency Rotator have GLD in slot #1. Actually it's a double header for gold on the Currency front with NEM in slot #2. TLT also had a good day on both Rotators and a closer look shows SLV has continued its positive momentum as forecast on Wednesday.
Hey! . . I'm right some of the time.
The Qs and SMH have the highest MoneyStream numbers, and both have shown relative strength over the past few days. IWM, the single Rotator component that's all green, has been struggling over the same period of time and managed to eke out a small gain Thursday . . but caution is advised . . the chart does not look bullish.
On the currency front FXE has broken to the upside over the past 4 days and is now pushing against overhead resistance. While Thursday's gain was impressive, it was accomplished after a roller coaster intraday ride that was a perfect mimic of the NYAD . . along with the VIXEN crosses. FXE has not tracked all that well with the NYAD in the recent past so Wednesday's action was a bit of a surpise (to me) that will warrant some further investigation.

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