Saturday, June 19, 2010

Planning a Break?

I was swapping funny trading tales with my buddy Jeff Pietsch the other day and I reiterate the following true anecdote for your entertainment:
Over the years I've probably bought and read a couple hundred trading books, many of which I've loaned or given to other traders. There came a time last year when I decided to sell a bookshelf of trading books on Amazon after creating my own little online bookstore. During a period of 6 weeks I listed and sold 48 books and put some extra bucks in my pocket while reducing my storage needs. One of the orders I received came from a federal prison in the Midwest. I had no way of knowing what the buyer's infraction might be, but clearly it was a serious enough matter to warrant federal incarceration. Nevertheless, I'm always a champion of self improvement and thought this gentlemen might be considering a trading career when his term was complete. Plus, payment was via PayPal so I figured I wasn't going t have to deal with some heavily tattooed skinhead gang member in order to get my measly $30 payment. Off the book went. About 3 weeks later, here comes the book back in the mail with a notice stamped on the outside of the package to the effect that this was not acceptable reading material for inmates.
I'm scratching my head thinking "this is crazy, it's a trading book" and then the light went off . . the book was Elder's Entries and Exits. Either the buyer or the feds were obviously intrigued by the title which apparently had been construed as either burglar's guidebook or a prison breakout manual. Too bad guys...the book's a great read.

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jgpietsch said...

Still chuckling over that one! Best, JP