Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Oily Pigpile

Here's a little teaser to help you appeciate just how volatile the oil sector has become lately. XOM is kind of the senior citizen of the group while APC and HAL are acting like they're on steroids. These are not daytrading vehicles for the faint of heart and later in the week we'll look at some more tactical nuances for trading this group.
Blogger, which I will forever more refer to as Booger, was dead on arrival from Sunday night until Monday's market close thus preventing me from posting what was possibly the most important forecast I have ever shared with my readers. Too late, too bad, too sad. I suspect that GS was somehow in cahoots with GOOG to sabotage my post in order to prevent my readers from reaping the windfall they so richly deserve. Legal action is now pending and while we wait for the suit to lurch it's way through the legal system, here are a few energy related documents that might pique your interest.

Above and below are the results of the Energy Rotator as of Friday (above) and Monday (below). I am frankly amazed sometimes the way the Rotator ranks these stocks and was suspicious of both OXY and CVX, but Monday's results proved it right while SLB, RIG, DVN and BP continue to get spanked.

Monday's Rotator has clearly downgraded BP which mirrors my intuitive thinking. Below is a fascinating article from The Week magazine that really puts the screws to BP and shows how a series to judgmental blunders and braggadocio led to the financial and environmental disaster currently at hand. A close read of the article suggests that BP's subcontractors RIG and HAL probably did (or tried to do) everything pretty much by the book, but that it was BP's direction that caused the blow.
You'll need to zoom in the attached files to read them clearly but I doubt you'll be disappointed by the effort. BP's total liability may eventually encompass most if not all of it assets and short looks like the likely direction for the long term .

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