Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TLT or Not TLT

We did get those new highs in the golds, silver and TLT but only TLT was able to hold those gains at the end of day. A bit surprising to me FXI (IShares China) ended up losing 1/2% Monday . . I was expecting some more enthusiasm for the support of the yuan, but HEY!, you know my bucket list. Also in contrast to my expectations tech didn't exhibit a jump although the retail sector via RTH did display a very modest decline. The glaring exception to retail weakness was WalMart, which rose 2% before that 10 minute closing collapse that shaved 1/4 of the daily gains. Clearly, I need to revisit my crystal ball going forward this week although Monday's closing technicals very uniformly negative.
That was an usually nasty high volume 10 minute sell off reversal at Monday's close...and it was across the board. The 2 minute bar at 12:50 pst was a real doozey on the NYAD...a sure clue that there was more downside to follow.

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