Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Off for a While

My wife Carole is having surgery early Monday morning and will be hospitalized for a week. Thereafter the recovery process will require several weeks of close attention and my intensive participation. During this period I'll have little time to monitor or trade the markets and I am therefore suspending new posts to the blog, although I may manage a weekly update.
In the interim, for my loyal cadre of daytraders . . . I suggest you go back and study the GE /NYAD posts that began on October 23rd. This is, hands down, the most reliable, low risk and low stress scalping technique that I have found . . . and that's saying a lot. I hope you realize that the only reason this trade works so well lately is due to VIX60 conditions. Up until a few months ago this type of arbitrage trade against the NYAD could only make money for prop shops and commercial traders who could throw vast amounts of capital at these trades and scalp off a few pennies. With the current volatility, these trades are a whole new game, so squeeze out the juice while you can. The 816 cross updates that began on October 22nd are also worth a close review, both as a confirmation for the NYAD divergent trades and a stand alone trending indicator.
For you swing traders . . . good luck . . . and I really mean it!

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