Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanks for the support

Thanks to all the nice folks who sent me comments or emails with your best wishes for my wife. They were appreciated. I'm back at the computer for a few minutes a day, but not trading again yet. Still sorting through those 262 emails I received while I was away. Bears look like they're winning the battle as the news gets more depressing each day so I'm glad to be in cash.
I pulled my wife out of the hospital after 2 and half days although she was supposed to be there 4-5 days. They had a MRSA outbreak in 2 of the rooms about 100' down the hall and were about to quarantine a quarter of the ward, when I called the doctor and told him we were escaping. Since his office is across the street from the hospital, he came over and after assessing the situation agreed with my plan and I then literally carried Carole out of the hospital and brought her home. If you ever want to be around a bunch of really sick people, just go to the hospital. And I'm not talking about the patients, I'm talking about the staff which, after this latest adventure, I will refer to as the staph. Since Carole's mobility is extremely limited, I'm still focused on her care and will be for the next week or so. Until then . . .

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