Monday, November 03, 2008


Summary for the day: nothing happened on low volume. A few little GE/NYAD scalps set up but I had little interest in chasing them. Which, as it turned out, was the best course of action as none lasted more than 12 minutes or returned more than .15. The intraday hovering around the PP was a good indication that today would be range bound.
Based on my weekend post, the technicals looked like we would see a run up before the election, which clearly failed to materialize today. Maybe tomorrow.
I'm more inclined to just stand back and wait for volume to resume.

A side note on GE/NYAD trades (or other divergent trades using the NYAD):
Because of the frequent openings pop in the NYAD, it is not recommended using the NYAD for anything other than intraday trades after the first 30 minutes. Trying to compare the NYAD with other equities and ETFs on daily bars will inevitably produce a conflict of price scales that will effectively prevent you from discerning otherwise attractive slope divergences.
Also, keep in mind that GE arbitrage is a popular trading theme (although I seem to be late to the game), and as such most slope divergences of GE with the NYAD, Qs and other correlated tells are best played on 1 or 2 minute bars since the duration of most recent divergences seldom exceeds 20 minutes and exits have to be fairly precise. . . which is why I term these trades scalps.

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