Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ETF Power Ratings

In recent week's the Qs have performed a frustrating about face in momentum on a regular basis, with a divergence of signals on the 60 minute, daily and weekly charts. Monday's action on the Qs relative to the positive Trading Day prognosis and momentum of the A50 and A200 only serves to reinforce my conviction that my own risk management plan is best served with intraday trades, rather than longer term positions.
Nevertheless, the big money will always be made on longer term investment positions, where institutional accumulation can provide the engine to drive price in multiples. One way to find some investing ideas is with Power Ratings, which seeks to buy weakness and sell strength. Shown above is the ETF sort for the current best longer term candidates. Other daily update sorts are provided for free, including industries and mutual funds, with intraday ratings available for a fee.

Spend a little time on the site, learn about their rating system and see if it resonants with your trading plan.

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