Monday, June 09, 2008

RSI 2 Qs & IWM trading model updates

The Qs RSI2 daily trading model is currently flat. The RSI will have to cross back up through the 28 level before a new BUY is triggered. On the intraday model (60 minute bars), the RSI2 crossed down through the 78 level at 10:30 on Friday, corresponding to my short entry, although that trade was based on completely different technical signals.
The IWM RSI2 daily model is currently short, holding a position opened on Monday at 73.99. Although both the Qs and IWM models are reflecting almost identical RSI levels, IWM's upward surge the previous week managed to get it into an overbought position. If the system allowed pyramiding, we would have added to the Monday short position on Friday's session, when the 80 level was crossed (again) to the downside. This option will be explored in future system performance tests.


Red Hue said...

Do you have a post which outlines your RSI2 Popper system?

Thanks...enjoy your blog.

bzbtrader said...

At the top lefy corner of the blog is a box called "Search Blog".
Type in RSI and enter.
That should give give you most of the RSI related posts and details about the hows and whys of the popper2 system.