Tuesday, June 17, 2008

RSI 2 Qs and IWM update

Current status of the RSI2 system trades. . . .flat both Qs and IWM, having closed both open long positions at today's Open for quick 2 days gains ($ .83 for the Qs and 1.10 for the IWM).
I'd like to get the trigger signals more in sync with the pivot high, pivot lows to improve overall performance and that's a focus of my current research. Since the pivot highs and pivot lows are LookBack studies this is a bit of a problem and I continue to explore various anticipatory (leading) indicators that will provide an improved trading edge.
Still, with over 80% current system reliability, the RSI 2 model is generating the type of incremental income stream I'm looking for with only a 2-3 day exposure.


klynn55 said...

with tradestaton are you able to scan to find the best stocks and etfs with rsi2 results or do you have to visually look through a list of all
stocks on the backtest list: with amibroker , i must scroll through a backtest list with the results of all

bzbtrader said...

I use TS2000i, which is a stand alone, non-internet version. It does not have the scanning ability you seek. I believe that TS's Radar Station will let you scan stock/ETF lists for the best system performers, but it's best to check with TS technical support for a deifnitive answer. My Schwab SSPro platform will let me test a list of stocks for system performance, but the ability to program the system parameters is extremely limited.