Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday blahs

I count this as a narrow range day with a negative bias.
The Qs showed little enthusiasm to rally off the PP pivot and the fact that neither R1 or S1 were touched (until the last bar) reflects the level of ambivalence and indecision in the markets. The fact that it happened on relatively low volume is a further tell of lack of commitment at these levels.
The NYAD's double top formation midday should have been the clue to get short or get out, while the descent to PP at the end of the day yields a neutral reading for the day.
The Qs accelerating down volume and subsequent kiss of S1 at the close does not bode well.
Now that every technician has reported the market's oversold status, I guess we should all be ramped up for a big pre 4th rally. However, if that doesn't materialize Tuesday or Wednesday (1st and 2nd trading days of the month) then all bets are off.
Expect a Thursday sell off prior to the long weekend on diminishing volume.

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Marc said...

At this juncture I would say expect the unexpected...