Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Regional Banks RKH

RKH...the ETF everyone loves to hate. I meant to publish this on Monday, when it was perhaps a bit more timely, but Hey!, it's probably not to late to scrap a few bux out of this. Daily volume has been running about 750K, spreads are rather wide at .07-.09 and open interest in the options is pathetically thin with little or no volume on most of the strikes intraday. Best for swing traders.
The 3 LRs study (30,11,3) of the weekly and monthly bars is pretty dismal looking with no apparent relief in site. Below are a few articles which suggest there's more of the same to come.
Finally, for those who want to learn a little more about the 3 linear regression study, I suggest Richard Muehlberg's "Reaping Profits with Regression Analysis" in the June FUTURES magazine (www.futuresmag.com). Richard is a real trader, a genuinely nice guy with his own unique daytrading site. It's a fee site, but a free trial is available.

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