Thursday, June 12, 2008

RSI 2 and NEM

As a litle follow up to yesterday's GLD/NEM post, here's the results of the RSI 2 system with NEM. The system parameters have been optimized (28,78,38,82), but system return remains fairly robust within a 5% paramter range. Interestingly, the short side trades work out considerably better than the long side over the 5 year test period. I suspect different exit conditions for the longs would improve trading performance and will address that in later posts.
As I continue to refine the RSI 2 components to include in a daily trading basket, NEM is looking like a consistent performer.


klynn55 said...

for us non tradestation users , could you be a little more specific about the rsi2 parameters. thanks, kerry

bzbtrader said...

As I've mentioned before, if you type "RSI" in to the Search Blog box in the upper left corner of the blog, you'll find most of the posts that relate to variations of the RSI2 system. The original code was laid out in the May27th post and variations in the settings are noted in subsequent posts. Can be run in a variety of testing environments, including Schwab SSPro and Wealth Lab, among others.

Cucca said...

When I try to verify your RSI Popper code as a Strategy in TS, it keeps giving me the error message of "Word Not Reconized" for "ExitShort" and "ExitLong", I've had this happen on other codes I've tried to get verified, any ideas genius???

bzbtrader said...

Clueless One,
The problem lies with the difference in command language between my TS ver 2000i and your ver 8.3. Since I don't have 8.3 I can't tell you the words to transpose to equal Exitshort and Exitlong. The 8.3 Easy Language dictionary of commands should tell you the correct syntax.
Hope that helps.